Fact Checking Policy

We are very clear and precise with words, headlines, and URLs. We are committed to doing our best to publish accurate information on our website.

We uphold a strong commitment to accuracy, transparency, and dedication to deliver credible content across all our platforms. Here’s an overview of how we approach fact-checking.

How we Fact Check?

Our editors go through each article, word by word, in order to ensure the factual accuracy and consistency of the article. We use online fact-checkers in certain circumstances if needed. We check the information with all related parties before publishing it online.

By the time an article is published, it goes through three independent layers of editing and fact-checking, and the people involved are independent to the domain, thus leaving no room for bias or inaccuracy.

How Our Writers Write?

Our writer’s primary responsibility is reporting, writing, and fact-checking stories. Stories are subject to review by one or more editors. We have multi-level fact-checking structure for stories that require due diligence.

Our writers verify every information before they write artcles. This includes identifying information such as names, locations, factual statements, and accounts related to the content. Writers do their own fact-checking using their own judgment and information under the light of our Ethics Policy.

1. Verifying Sources : Before publishing any content, our team of writers and editors ensures that information is sourced from credible and reputable outlets. We cross-reference multiple sources to validate the accuracy of the information presented. We strive to be honest and open about what we don’t know and avoid unfounded speculation. We will never plagiarize deliberately or distort facts or context, including visual information knowingly.

2. Identifying Opinion and Analysis : We distinguish between factual reporting and opinion or analysis pieces. While we encourage diverse perspectives, opinions are clearly labeled as such to avoid any confusion with factual information.

Before posting a article we spent equal amount of time on all pressing issues for that cycle and ensure claims, perspectives, and opinions of all parties in contention are given unrestricted and visible space on our website for a better understanding of the readers.

3. Expert Input : For complex topics, we seek input from subject matter experts and authorities in the relevant field to ensure that our content is well-informed and accurate.

4. Review Process : Our content goes through a meticulous review process. Editors thoroughly check the accuracy of facts, statistics, and claims presented in the content before it goes live.

5. Corrections and Updates : In the event that an error is discovered after publication, we promptly correct and update the content. Our commitment to accuracy extends to maintaining the highest standards in all our published materials.

6. Editorial Independence : We maintain editorial independence from any external influence, including advertisers or sponsors, to preserve the integrity of our content and ensure objectivity.

7. User Contributions : While we encourage user engagement and contributions, we also implement moderation and fact-checking measures for user-generated content to prevent the spread of misinformation.

8. Transparency with Sources : We strive to provide proper attribution to all sources used in our content. Our readers can find references and links to original sources to verify the information themselves.

Our Correction Policy

We will never mislead our audiences. If proven, we will change the news / information as quickly as possible. If we receive a claim regarding fact-checking on our website, we first contact the source of the claim for further elaboration and supporting information.

1. Research and Validation : We also contact individuals and organizations who would have more information about or have relevant experience on the subject at hand, as well as researching relevant literature (news articles, scientific and medical journal articles, books, interview transcripts, statistical sources) that has bearing on the topic.

We do not distort facts, or present invented material as facts, that can undermine our audiences’ trust in our content. We acknowledge serious factual errors and correct them quickly, clearly and appropriately.

We prefer to use unbiased information and data sources viewed by our equals, as much as possible. We also alert our readers that information and data from sources, such as political advocacy organizations and sided parties, should be evaluated considerately.

2. Improvement : As part of our commitment to delivering accurate information, we continually review and improve our fact-checking processes. Our goal is to be a trusted source of reliable information for our audience. We understand the importance of factual reporting, and we remain dedicated to providing our readers with content they can trust.

Feedback and Concerns 

We welcome feedback from our audience and take concerns regarding accuracy seriously. If you believe any of our content contains inaccuracies or requires clarification, please Contact Us.